This Grappa is obtained from a selection of marcs of “Ruchè di Castagnole Monferrato
DOC”. These grapes come from our vineyards in Scurzolengo d’Asti.
The Ruché is an historical vine, re-discovered during the half of the sixties by the Priest
Don Giacomo Cauda. In the years following its discovery, the Cantine Sant’Agata brought
out its characteristics of aromatic wine: they first produced a partially fermented must.
After the vinification of the grapes, the marcs, still partially fermented, were distilled in one
of the best distilleries of the area. Even today, the marcs are selected before the distillation,
to produce a grappa equal to its “father vine”.

TYPOLOGY. Delicate and scented white Grappa.

GRAPES. 100% Ruchè.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION. Grappa characterized by a strong personality, in perfect harmony with the winefrom which the distilled marcs come from. The large variety of scents and aromas which characterize thisproduct, allow to appreciate its unique features even at much lower temperatures than the recommendedof 16 ° C.

ORGANOLEPTIC DATA. It’s a strong and austere Grappa, with a large impact to the palate and tones of violet and rose. Its best feature is the softness to the palate and the striking aromatic vein.

VINIFICATION AND AGEING. It is distilled in a bain-marie on an alembic. We carefully discard the beginning and the end of the distillation and we obtain a distillate of about 70° alcohol content. After the distillation,the grappa is poured into stainless steels vats to refine one year. Afterwards, we add demineralised spring water to bring the alcohol content to 42%. It is then filtered at low temperature to eliminate the remains of oils contained in the seeds and it is finally bottled.