The “Cortese dell’Alto Monferrato” represents one of the most important dry white wine
from Piedmont. Even if it’s not so popular as the Red and Muscat wines, which are the
pride of this region, it’s an excellent table wine. It is produced in the Upper Monferrato,
in the area closed between the rivers Bormida and Scrivia with the Ligurian Apennine
behind. The “Cortese”, one of the vines with white grape most typical of the entire Piedmont,
comes from these hills. It was already known in the 18° century. Furthermore, its
resistance to illnesses and bad weather, makes this variety a widespread vine, especially
in the area called Western Oltrepo’ (area behind the Po river).

TYPOLOGY. Young white.

GRAPES. 100% Cortese.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION. It’s a vigorous vine, located in a large area: the Upper Monferrato hills and the province of Alessandria where it gives origin to a wine called Gavi. It’s a wine which represents the border between the Liguria, region from which it inherited a nervous but delicate character, and the Piedmont, from which he got its fibre and big structure.

ORGANOLEPTIC DATA. Straw-coloured with greenish hints. It is characterized by an intense and persistent bouquet, due to a long and slow fermentation at controlled temperature. It is pleasantly harmonious, fresh, almond-scented to the palate. It has also fruity and citrus notes, it’s elegant and has a lively character. Characterized by a good structure and easy to consume, it expresses fruity bouquet of great intensity when young. Even after one year, it confirms important and intriguing scents.

GASTRONOMIC MATCH. The “Cortese dell’Alto Monferrato” is a dry wine ideal with light and fish starters.
It matches with broth soups, pasta dishes, marinated or seasoned with tomato sauce “risotto” and boiled fresh water fishes. It is recommended to consume it within the harvest year..