Uncommon wine, obtained from a careful selection of Barbera and Ruché grapes left to
dry for two months. It is vinified in wooden barrels and refined in barriques for three years.
It is placed on the market more than four years after the harvest. It gives emotional sensations.
“Genesi” stimulates the expert wine taster imagination, showing the great range of
tasting-olfactory sensations.

TYPOLOGY. Red with ageing in barrique.

GRAPES. 60% Barbera, 40% Ruchè.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION. An animal would never think to produce wine. Wine is a sign of intelligence.
According to the hermetic tradition, the intelligence is the fifth element which can rule the other four: the Water (rain, fog and snow), the Air (wind and breeze), the Fire (the sun’s heat) and the Earth (silent home where the other elements blend). Intelligence can also blend these elements and give them a new shape and consistency. The Nature could not come to this result by itself, without the Man’s intervention. We named this wine “Genesi” (its etymology means creation) because it represents the most daring and ingenious intellectual game produced by our territory. We want to compete with ourselves, by choosing one of the most precious and typical fruit of our territory, the Barbera, and one of the most rare autochthonous vine, the Ruché, and blending them. We decided to test late harvest and the grape drying. The result is an extraordinary and uncommon wine that we called “Genesi” ! Aware of its strength and harmony, during the tasting this wine relates to people’s judgments and opinions. Its evaluation is not only sensory, but the tangible proof of an ethereal world, made of dreams and thoughts. Man can reach this world to attain a beauty which lays beyond the stars.

ORGANOLEPTIC DATA. Ruby red, rich in garnet hints. The aromatic persistence is intriguing. From the surprising bouquet delicacy, it is possible to perceive oriental spices such as cumin, cardamom and pepper. Warm to the palate, with an excellent balance and softness and a long aromatic persistence.

VINIFICATION AND AGEING. The grape is harvested in small boxes which are placed on pallets to be exposed to areas much more airy. Here the grape dries thanks to the autumn breeze and remains until the first half of December. Afterwards the stalks are removed from the dried grape. The pressing is soft. The fermentation in contact with the skins lasts 18/20 days at a temperature of 15-18° C. The malo-lactic fermentation takes place during the ageing process of at least 30 months, directly inside the barriques where the must has been placed to rest. After the ageing in wood, the wine rests in bottle for at least 6 months before going to the market.

GASTRONOMIC MATCH. Excellent with meat which can be roasted or grilled. Ideal with game and
barnyard animals. With certain types of chocolate desserts, there is an excellent match due to the intense
wine bouquet.