According to an old folktale, the name “Monferrato” comes from the story of Aleramo.
This man, was promised by the Emperor Ottone to be gifted with as much territory as he
could cover in three days riding with his horse. Aleramo, riding for three days and three
nights, covered all the “contrade” (districts) of the territory which was called Monferrato.
Before starting his journey, he wanted to shoe his horse. Since he could not find a horseshoe,
he used a brick. This word in our vernacular is called “mun”. The horse was shod
and we call it “fra”. The union of these two words created “Monferrato”.

TYPOLOGY. Sparkling red.

GRAPES. 85% Barbera, 15% Freisa.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION. The “Barbera del Monferrato” is prone to changes according to the inspiration of the wine-makers. For its production, we use from 75% to 90% of Barbera grapes. We also give to the Freisa, Grignolino and Dolcetto the task of bringing their personal touch, able to enhance the wine-maker oenological skills.

ORGANOLEPTIC DATA. It is a lively, vivacious wine, ruby red with garnet hints. The bouquet is vinous, with woodland fruit tones. It is dry and harmonious to the palate, characterized by a generous body. It is bottled in spring, after a second and slow natural refermentation. This gives it a touch of liveliness. Ideal for the entire meal.

VINIFICATION AND AGEING. Maceration for 8-10 days at a temperature of 28-30° C. Malo-lactic fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Second refermentation in autoclave to get the froth.

GASTRONOMIC MATCH. Ideal for the entire meal, for those who like the “vivace” (vivid)

TYPOLOGY. It is excellent also with simpler food such as bread and salami or Gorgonzola cheese.