Every year, the Grignolino marcs are sent to the distillery to be converted in Grappa. This
operation is carried right after the marcs are separated from the liquid part. Here, the
Master distiller uses old copper alembics for the bain-marie procedure. This allows to
extract from the marcs all the fragrances and bouquet which characterize this distillate.
The obtained grappa is placed in large oak barrels to rest for about 18 months. Afterwards
it will be refined in barriques for about 6 months

TYPOLOGY. White dry Grappa

GRAPES. 100% Grignolino

GENERAL DESCRIPTION. Grappa characterized by a strong personality, in perfect harmony with the wine from which the distilled marcs come from.

ORGANOLEPTIC DATA. The large variety of scents and aromas which characterize this product, allow to appreciate its unique features even at much lower temperatures than the recommended of 16 ° C.

VINIFICATION AND AGEING. The grappa is the “eau-de-vie” obtained from the marcs distillation. This means the solid residue (skins, seeds and a small percentage of the grape stalk) of the vinification. After the drawing off wine, the marcs undergo a soft pressing and they are brought to the distillery. In 48 hours the
whole distillation cycle is completed.