From a judicious marriage of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes emerges this very distinctive
sparking wine.
The base wine from these two grapes is bottled in March of the year following harvest,
together with yeast that will produce the effervescence from a second fermentation.
The bottles rest in the cellar in absolute silence and darkness while the fermentation
continues, over some three years. After this stage, riddling and disgorgement are carried
out, and the bottle remains in the cellar for further time before release.

CATEGORY. Vintage-dated Sparkling Wine of Quality produced by the Champagne Method.

GRAPES. 30% Pinot Noir – 70% Chardonnay.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION. The Latin name Suavissimus, a word that conjures up sweet words, pleasurable
thoughts, and enjoyable conversation, best represents what we wanted this wine to express. This
sparkling wine is deliberately styled to reflect its place of origin, and thus well-ripened grapes were carefully
selected, a factor that weighed more heavily than the acidity level of the fruit.

SENSORY DESCRIPTION. Suavissimus, a rich straw-yellow in appearance, exhibits a delicate but dense
bead of fine bubbles. It then opens to reveal a rich, expansive, and complex bouquet showing well-delineated
fruit, and alluring yeastiness and freshly-baked bread, then notes of candied citrus and carob bean. It
opens large on the palate, with a silky texture, and aromas of apricot and dried grapes, and concludes with
a pleasant note of bitterish almond. Overall, an extremely elegant wine that is delicious as an aperitif or when
enjoyed with friends at any moment of the day.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS. Ideal as an aperitif, but delicious too with shellfish and oysters, and above all
with antipasti and first courses.